Luke Getsy very impressed with QB Justin Fields' attitude in season opener

Vince Carbonneau
September 16, 2022  (2:15 PM)

Young QB Justin Fields was expected to take a huge step up in his sophomore season. Even though the conditions were horrendous during his first chance to show his improvement, he still managed to make a few great plays that helped his team win the game.

Well, his offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was very pleased with what he saw from Fields in Week 1.
Getsy noted the importance of exuding positive energy and staying consistent with his players, even at the low moments.
"I was really impressed by how he handled every situation like the way we were able to talk about what happened on the field when you're backed up, and then he throws an interception, Getsy said. "That whole time that dude was stone cold, he was ready to go. There was no 'woe is me' at all, and that's what's been so cool about it and that makes it easier, too."

Besides Fields' ability to get the offense flowing in the second half, Getsy was most pleased with his quarterback's communication. Getsy, who spent seven seasons in Green Bay, learned the importance those in-game conversations from working with QB Aaron Rodgers.
"You talk about Aaron, I was just saying to somebody else, one of the coolest things you get to do when you coach Aaron is you get to hear him say exactly what happened on every play," Getsy said. "The detail is just unbelievable. It's impeccable and Justin had a lot of those cool conversations with us in the game, so that was really fun to be a part of that. So just want to keep getting him to grow, and we'll keep getting better every day. And he's a young dude, and I have to remember that too. I have to have patience with it too."

This bodes well for the future of this relationship!
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