JJ Watt To The Chicago Bears?

Published April 11, 2020 at 2:45 PM

"While there remains lots of question marks on offense, the Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Pace have put together quite the defensive group. The Bears defense if healthy will arguably be the best defense in the league. Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan, Roquan Smith, Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn will definitely strike some fear in opponents.
Now what if Pace decided to try for a grand slam move.That's exactly what Erik Lambert of SportsMockery is talking about. Lambert believes with the Houston Texans selling off assets the Bears should try and get a stranglehold with the best defense in the league by trading for J.J. Watt. The Texans need the salary cap space with the addition of Brandin Cooks while Laremy Tunsil and Deshaun Watson will need new contracts after this season. Watt of course brings a pretty big cap hit, $15.5million, more than the Bears have in cap space but thanks to the new CBA, the Bears could rework some contracts and open up some cap space for this season. The biggest concern with Watt is not actually the cap hit, but his health.However with an incredible unit like the Bears have, Watt could rest a bit and help the Bears dominate quarterbacks around the league. Would you like to see the Bears trade for Watt?


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