Is Matt Nagy On The Hot Seat?

Published December 5, 2019 at 1:58 PM

The Chicago Bears season is basically on the line tonight as they host the Dallas Cowboys for Thursday Night Football. Chicago is still technically in the hunt for a spot, however it's starting to look tougher and tougher to catch either the Minnesota Vikings at 8-4 or even the Green Bay Packers at 9-3. Bears head coach Matt Nagy has been heavily criticized for the team's lack of offense this year, and the 2018 NFL Coach of The Year has accepted the blame for that. Could Nagy be on the hot seat for the disappointing 2019 season?ESPN's Jeff Dickerson tackled the question in his hot seat column. "Nagy doesn't have the same job security he enjoyed last season when he was the NFL Coach of the Year, but it's a stretch to think the Bears will fire him," Dickerson wrote. "The team has struggled across the board on offense -- Nagy's specialty -- and the coach has shouldered his share of the blame. Still, the Bears are 18-10 in the regular season under Nagy. For comparison sake, John Fox went 13-34 in Chicago. Nagy isn't going anywhere."
What do you think of Dickerson's analysis?

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