George McCaskey Explains What Makes Mitch Trubisky Amazing Off The Field.

Published July 4, 2019 at 12:55

"It's without a doubt that Mitch Trubisky is being groomed to be the franchise QB for many years to come. With John Fox out of the picture, the Bears have surrounded Trubisky with great influences on and off the field when it comes to coaches and players. It shows on the field with his body language and how he carries himself. Bears chairman George McCaskey has been impressed with Trubisky off the field as well as he told The Athletic some pretty good tidbits regarding what he's seen off the field. «Good, solid upbringing. Good family,» McCaskey said. «He's got a good head on his shoulders. His teammates love him. There's just something about him. You know, it's that intangible that makes other people want to be around him and want to play with him and play well with him. And work ethic. He gets what it means to be the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears.
«I've seen him a couple times in training camp … there was once in Bourbonnais where it was ‘win the sweepstakes' or whatever and get your picture taken with Mitchell Trubisky. Mitchell knew he could give the kid something more and he said why don't you go out for a pass? I'll throw you a pass. Well the kid drops the first one and he says, ‘Go out for another one.' So he made sure that the kid caught a pass. Just a little thing like that.
«And then I saw him more than once at the Walter Payton Center — kid comes in and says, ‘Will you please sign my jersey?' And a lot of guys would just scribble something and go on to the next thing. And Mitchell said, ‘Well, OK, where do you want it? Do you want it on the front or the back?' Because he knew that the kid would treasure that memento and he wanted to make sure that he did the way that the kid would want it to be if he had it for quite some time. Like I said, he gets it.»That's our QB!!

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