George H. McCaskey Comments On New Anthem Rules.

Published June 7, 2018 at 3:36 PM

"The NFL made some rule changes heading into the 2018 season regarding the national anthem. The league has taken a new stance and will fine teams that they are perceiving to disrespect the American flag or national anthem going forward. Many believe these rules were put in place because of pressure by president Donald Trump.Silent on the matter so far, Bears chairman George H. McCaskey commented on the changes. "We think players should stand. We encourage our players to stand," McCaskey said, according to Larry Mayer of ChicagoBears.com.
McCaskey also made it clear that while he prefers players to stand, those players who have kneeled have not disrespected the flag or America and took a very important stance against protest brutality and social inequality. "We are proud of our players for their social activism and the effort to make the greatest city in the world better," said McCaskey.
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