Darnell Mooney is looking forward to being the guy in Chicago

Vince Carbonneau
June 28, 2022  (3:20 PM)

It's been well-documented that the Bears are not in the greatest of positions when it comes to dangerous weapons surrounding their QB, Justin Fields. However, one proven commodity is young stud, WR Darnell Mooney.

With the departure of Allen Robinson, Mooney will most likely take over as the top guy in Chicago.
Ehsan Kassim of The Gadsden Times had the chance to sit down with Mooney and ask him a few questions. Gadsden, Alabama is actually the small town where Mooney is from and where he grew up.
Here are a few of the most notable answers Mooney had during the interview:
Q: You had a strong rookie season and a coming out party with a 1,000-yard season last year. What has that been like so far?
Mooney: It's nice. I'm not satisfied yet. I don't plan on getting satisfied yet. I have a lot more in the tank that has been hidden. Hopefully I can let all of that out this year.
Q: Last year you had Allen Robinson. Now you are going to be the man. What's that going to be like?
Mooney: II'm ready for whatever anybody brings to me. I'm ready for any task, any type of defense that we're seeing, whatever it is, anyway, I can help the team. You know, if I get double teamed, I'll be a decoy for the team so everybody else can be open. I mean, I'm good with that. Anyway I can help win.
Q: Last year you and Justin Fields got together before the season and were able to build chemistry. How much have you guys worked together this offseason?
Mooney: IAlmost every week. Except for this week, obviously. I'm down here, you know helping out my young boys. But we get to work every time, every chance we get for sure. Like, any off-time, any time after practice. I mean, we we continuously work nonstop.
Q: What have you worked on this offseason to improve?
Mooney: Conditioning. Trying to stay conditioned and take on some of the toll (of the season). Having consistent chances of making a play instead of me getting tired and have to come out.
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