Chris Tabor Cannot Wait To Use Tarik Cohen In The Return Game

Published January 23, 2018 at 12:56

"The new Chicago Bears coaching staff will have a lot of work to do to get the team back into playoff contention. The roster will likely go through quite a bit of turnover this offseason as Matt Nagy decides who fits his vision and who doesn't.
One player who definitely will be back next year is running back Tarik Cohen. It will be very interesting to see how creative offensive coaches like Nagy and Mark Helfrich use the dynamic back. Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is also very excited about getting to use Cohen in the return game next season.
"He has some human joystick qualities to him where he can start and stop and make you miss," Tabor said of Cohen, per Larry Mayer of the Bears official website. "It happened when we punted to him one time. Our gunner was right there and he took a chance. The other thing you like about a good returner is that he's a risk-taker, and you want to have risk-takers. If we go back in history and look at Devin Hester, he was a risk-taker.
"But it also falls into the category where you have to use good judgment. So there's going to be times when you're going to want to push that envelope and there's going to be other times when you're going to want to say, ‘Hey, [call] a fair catch and we'll play from there.'"
Cohen had 29 punt returns this past season where he averaged 9.4 yards and one touchdown. He averaged 22.4 yards in his 26 kickoff returns.
"Anytime you have a guy you're always going to be excited and when you don't have one, then you're in the process of developing one,» said Tabor. «It's nice when you have one and continue to make that one better, as opposed to starting from scratch and having to work your way up to the level of just good. You want to take a good player and make him great."
Do you think Tarik Cohen can be the next great returner in Bears history?"

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