Bears legend Richard Dent still doing amazing things!

Vince Carbonneau
July 10, 2022  (6:20 PM)

Richard Dent is remembered as one of the greatest defensive ends in the history of the NFL, and as one of the all-time greats in Chicago Bears history. Until last season, he was the record-holder for the most sacks in a single season in Bears' history (17). Dent is a 4x pro bowler, a two-time Super Bowl winner and a Super Bowl MVP (1985). Obviously, his amazing career earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

But, perhaps the most impressive things he has done are not on the Football field. After he retired from the NFL in 1988, the opportunity came to light for Dent to enter the energy industry. He immediately started this new chapter of his life and he has been amazing at it.
In 1998, Dent has established RLD Resources LLC, a Chicago-based company licensed to sell electric, gas, technology, marketing, and other energy products all across the United States. He is in fact one of the few African Americans that owns a company in this sector. He is truly breaking barriers.
Here is a quote he had to say when he met with Danielle Sanders of the Chicago Defender:
You have to be dedicated and determined to be the best you can be. Educate yourself about what you want to do and where you want to go. There will be those who attempt to knock you down, but you must get up and do it again. In the energy space, you must try and try again. We all need energy and power, but we need access. The playing field needs to be level. Now how you get business and who you do business with is another thing.»
Dent is really on a mission to help the community by offering amazing services with his company and by also showing a realistic path to everyone in America, no matter your age, gender or race.
Here is a little highlight from his good old days in the NFL:
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