Bears analyst believes the Bears have the perfect backup QB

Vince Carbonneau
June 26, 2022  (3:43 PM)

The Bears signed QB Trevor Siemian a few weeks ago.

This was a very underrated move by GM Ryan Poles. Having a solid, reliable backup QB is a luxury that not a lot of teams have in the NFL. With Siemian, the Bears do have that luxury.
Here is what Kevin Fishbain said and the Hoge and Jahns podcast yesterday:
I mean, Smooth Operator. He looked as good as he always has been. You know he's reliable. He's perfect for this position. And if he needs to step into the starting spot for any reason, you know what you're gonna get. He is a smart player. I think we can all vouch that he's got a good head on his shoulder.

Trevor is also well aware of the fact that Justin Fields is the franchise QB and the future in Chicago. He seems at peace with him being a backup.
"That's kind of been my role the last several years is backup quarterback, kind of figuring out and identifying what the starter needs," Siemian said. "For Justin, I can give him a little bit of perspective. I don't want to act like I have all the answers and he's certainly going to get plenty of coaching. But being a young starter -- cause I was [one] several years ago -- you need kind of a foxhole guy. Or a guy on some days to talk football with, and on some days to talk about movies or whatever else and shoot the breeze with. Justin's got so much potential, so I'm looking to do whatever I can to help him hopefully make a jump here."

With the Bears beginning off-season workouts last week, Siemian got his initial first-hand look at Fields.
"He's a good dude," Siemian said of the 23-year-old. "You can tell he connects with his teammates really well. He's a natural leader, and he's smart. That's my [first] impression of him, and I look forward to building a relationship and earning his trust."

He also had some very kind words on Justin's game:
"There's nothing he can't do," Siemian said. "I think nowadays there's such a lack of patience with young quarterbacks. Some of these guys light it up right away and they think that's the formula for everybody, or if somebody can't do it [immediately], then something's wrong with them.

There's absolutely no patience, and that's the nature of the business; I think we're all aware of that. But at the same time, it takes time, it takes reps, it takes continuity, and a little bit of stability. You've just got to give these guys a chance to flourish and show their potential and ultimately reach it.

This was a display of a textbook mindset from Siemian. I mentioned when he got signed that I have heard nothing but praises about the character that he is and this was a perfect example of that.
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