Akiem Hicks Calls Out Former Teammate Cam Jordon.

Published April 15, 2019 at 12:03

"When it comes to the New Orleans' Saints, Akiem Hicks ain't having it. No matter what you say about the Saints, Hicks is probably lurking around a corner on Twitter ready to shut you down. Hicks' former Saints' teammate Cam Jordon appeared on the NFL Network recently and took a mild shot at the Bears.Jordon was asked during what part of the season he'd like to face certain teams, and said he'd play the Bears right away Week 1. «I feel like our defense is going to be able to match their (defense's) intensity. I feel like our defense is going to SET the intensity.» He went on to say «Then you talk about what we can do to their offense, and that's what I'm excited about».
Hicks took exception to Jordan's comments and the two went back and forth at each other pretty hard.


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