Aaron Rodgers To The Bears?

Published April 27, 2020 at 7:33 PM

It was a decision that had lots of people talking. The Green Bay Packers moved up at the NFL Draft to select Jordan Love in the first round. Right away it had people chattering about how Aaron Rodgers was hoping the Packers would select some weapons for him because they haven't in a very long time. Now instead of a high end WR, Rodgers gets to welcome his competition and possible successor.It could be the first step of divorce between the Packers and Rodgers. Because of the possible looming break up, ESPN's Michael Wilbon made a huge statement regarding Rodgers' future. "I'm going to tell you something now that you're going to think is preposterous. Aaron Rodgers is going to be in a Bears uniform sometime in the next couple of years. That's going to happen," Wilbon said on Friday.
It's pretty much an abomination to think of Rodgers in a Bears' uniform.But stranger things have happened......

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