3 Chicago Bears trade packages for Robert Quinn

Vince Carbonneau
June 16, 2022  (7:17 PM)

I'm sure most of you guys are all aware that Bears DL Robert Quinn has been in the news for a lot of reasons in the past few days. He is currently not attending the mandatory mini camp and he was not excused by the coach thing staff.

We have heard many reports saying that Quinn is unhappy in Chicago and that he would like to be traded. We have not heard from Quinn's camp directly, but, where there is smoke, there's usually a fire.
With that being said, Vincent Parise of Fan Sided made a list of 3 Chicago Bears trade packages for DL Robert Quinn.
Trade #1
Bears get Dalton Risner in return of Quinn
The Chicago Bears might have a worse defensive line in 2022 than the offensive line but that doesn't mean that both don't still need upgrading. As of right now, because of how important developing Justin Fields is, the offensive line might be slightly more important at this time.

As a result, the Bears could try to use Robert Quinn to get them what they need in that area. Someone to consider is Dalton Risner of the Denver Broncos. He is a good lineman that was a bit off last year. With Russell Wilson coming to town, Denver is going to be really careful about who they use.

Dalton Risner is a free agent next year and he might not fit what the Broncos are doing. Quinn, however, would make their defense even better. If they are looking to move on from their 26-year-old lineman, it is a worthy ask for the Chicago Bears.

Trade #2
Bears get Miami's 1rst round pick in return for Quinn and a 2nd round pick and a 5th
Robert Quinn is a very good player that could still impact a lot of teams in the league. In 2021, he broke Richard Dent's all-time Chicago Bears record for sacks in a season. Think about that for one second. The great Chicago Bears defense throughout the years and Quinn holds that record from a year ago.

This is a player that can be impactful in 2022. He would really help the Miami Dolphins this season, that is for sure. They are looking to become a good NFL team after being so mediocre or bad for a long time. Quinn would help with that.

Miami has its own first in 2023 and the first of the San Francisco 49ers. They might be wise to move one of them to get themselves a defensive stud like Quinn. There is obviously risk with a swap like that so the Bears would likely have to give more.

Throwing in a second and a fifth makes a lot of sense. Normally, the Bears are trading out of the first round but this is a chance to land another pick inside of it. They are not going to be very good either so at least one of them should be in the top-10 and maybe even top-five. A trade like this could be one that really helps out both teams.

Trade #2
Bears get Eagles' 2nd and 3rd round pick in return for Quinn
The Chicago Bears are a team looking to build from the ground up. As a result, they should be looking for lots of draft picks and young players. As of right now, they have one pick in every round except for the sixth. We learned at the 2022 NFL Draft that Ryan Poles likes adding more picks.

They might not get a first for Robert Quinn though. That would certainly be nice and it is possible but they might be forced to settle for less. As a result, they could very well take the best available offer in order to gain more assets for a 32-year-old defensive lineman.

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to take another step in 2022. They certainly aren't bad but adding someone like Quinn would really help their defense move forward as a group, especially if he plays like he did last year.

Philly is expecting Jalen Hurts to take another step as a quarterback and adding someone like Quinn to the defense might help take some pressure off. It might also send a message to their players that they believe they can win the NFC East this year.

If the Bears decide to move Quinn as a result of these actions he is taking, we can only hope that they do what they can to better the team going forward.
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