The Boost Caleb Williams Can Provide for His Defense

Vince Carbonneau
May 25, 2024  (2:15 PM)

Caleb Williams in training camp
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Caleb Williams Boosts Bears Defense in Practice

While Caleb Williams adapts to a new offensive scheme and faces the challenge of a spirited Bears secondary during practice 7-on-7 drills, he's also providing a significant benefit.
Surprisingly, even when Williams experiences difficulties in practice, he aids the Bears' defense by testing them with his ability to extend plays.
This is crucial because the Bears' defense will encounter numerous quarterbacks this season who possess similar mobility. It's advantageous for the defense to practice against a player like Williams during training camp, OTAs, and minicamp.
Williams' dual-threat capability forces defensive backs to remain vigilant on every down. This will mirror the challenges they'll face against several opponents this season.
«Absolutely," said defensive coordinator Eric Washington. "His knack for making off-schedule plays is well-known and it's a nightmare for defensive coordinators. It's particularly challenging when you rush four, or even send five or six guys.
Washington emphasized, "You have to excel in coverage and be able to bring the quarterback down."
The Bears' schedule includes matchups with:
- Will Levis, Tennessee
- C.J. Stroud, Houston
- Jayden Daniels, Washington
- Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville
- Kyler Murray, Arizona
- Drake Maye, New England
- Brock Purdy, San Francisco
- Geno Smith, Seattle
- Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis
- J.J. McCarthy, Minnesota
- Jordan Love, Green Bay
This lineup features several young and veteran quarterbacks capable of mobility, with some being exceptional runners.
Richardson rushed for 136 yards and scored four touchdowns in just four games before his injury. Young accumulated 253 rushing yards, and while Stroud doesn't run often, he still managed 167 rushing yards. Lawrence ranks among the top running QBs in the league.
Daniels displays running prowess similar to Justin Fields.
Love had 247 rushing yards and four TDs last year, though he often moves to throw.
To prepare for these dynamic quarterbacks, the Bears need to hone their defensive strategies, making Williams an ideal practice opponent.
"We actually train for mobile quarterbacks because it's a high-risk, high-reward scenario, and Williams can extend plays significantly," Washington noted. "He poses a threat if he escapes the pocket and disrupts coverage."
Williams' presence in practice ensures the Bears defense is ready for the season's challenges.
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The Boost Caleb Williams Can Provide for His Defense

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