Massive shock regarding the Bears' chances of making the playoffs

Chris Lewis
July 3, 2024  (10:46)

Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze
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Chicago Bears: Poised on the brink of playoff potential in 2024.

In the fluctuating world of NFL playoffs odds, the Chicago Bears find themselves teetering on the edge of postseason qualification. With an array of statistics and forecasts at hand, the scenario for the Bears appears as unpredictable as a coin flip. Pro Football Focus (PFF), known for its in-depth analysis and betting insights, currently positions the Bears with a 43.28% chance of making the playoffs, placing them 15th among NFL teams.
This ranking is notably intriguing given that PFF also positions the Bears 17th in their overall team strength, based on point spread ratings. Their calculated chances of clinching a Super Bowl victory stand at a modest 2.51%, while their prospects to dominate the NFC championship are marked at 4.99%. More regionally, their odds to outperform their NFC North rivals—the Packers, Lions, and Vikings—are set at 19.82%.
The underpinnings of these odds come from PFF's intricate point spread team ratings, where the Bears are marked at minus-0.9. Interestingly, quarterback Caleb Williams, ranked 21st for his contributory value of 2.5 points toward the team's weekly point spread, does not quite match the influence wielded by key players from division rivals, such as the Packers and Lions.
Comparatively, earlier assessments by CBS Sports and even betting markets like FanDuel painted a slightly different picture. CBS Sports analysts predicted that the Bears would likely fall short of achieving an 8 ˝ over/under win total. On the other hand, FanDuel's earlier offseason odds reflected a more optimistic 52.4% probability of playoff entry for the Bears.
As these varied insights suggest, the Bears' journey to the playoffs is anything but certain. With statistics painting a picture of near-equal chances of success and failure, the narrative of the 2024 season for the Bears will be one to watch closely, driven by both on-field performances and the ever-evolving betting landscapes.
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Bears Playoff Chances Developing into a True Coin Toss
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Massive shock regarding the Bears' chances of making the playoffs

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