Chris Simms Delivers a Blunt Reality Check on Justin Fields and Caleb Williams

V. Carbonneau
June 7, 2024  (11:24)

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Chris Simms Compares Fields and Williams

Chicago Bears fans are understandably sensitive when it comes to the quarterback position. It's been a challenging journey for over a century. However, optimism is high as the Caleb Williams era is now in full swing. Bears fans are eagerly anticipating watching a true franchise quarterback—arguably their first—take the field in navy and orange.
Previously, many believed Justin Fields would be the franchise quarterback. While he still has the potential to succeed, perhaps in Pittsburgh or another destination next year, the spotlight in Chicago is firmly on Caleb Williams. Former quarterback-turned-analyst Chris Simms recently compared Fields and Williams on-air, offering his insights on the two quarterbacks.
Simms made several notable points, but his most compelling observation was: "Caleb is as gifted and natural a thrower as you're ever gonna find ... Caleb is a guy where I go, he's a quarterback who's a great athlete. Justin Fields, I would say, is a great athlete who's still learning to be a better quarterback."
Bears fans had high hopes for Justin Fields as a passer. Given their long history of quarterback struggles, they clung to any signs of promise. Fields' athleticism and game-changing ability on the ground made him exciting to watch. Fans hoped he would eventually master the passing game and make quicker decisions.
However, after three years in Chicago, Fields continued to struggle with quick decision-making and getting the ball out promptly. Simms noted the initial backlash from Bears fans regarding his assessment of Fields, but acknowledged that many are now beginning to see his point in light of Williams' performance.
"Most of Chicago crapped on me for like a year and a half, and all of a sudden it became, 'huh, maybe he's right. Maybe he's not that great of a thrower,'" Simms said of Fields.
Simms' analysis holds weight. Fields' primary weakness was his slow release and hesitation in decision-making, despite possessing the arm strength and capability to make various throws. In contrast, Williams exhibits a natural and effortless throwing ability, with quick decision-making and a smooth release. If his college performance translates to the NFL, Bears fans can look forward to a bright future with Williams leading the team.
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Chris Simms Delivers a Blunt Reality Check on Justin Fields and Caleb Williams

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