The Chicago Bears have really had a tough offseason when it comes to their OLine and things were topped off when they lost a rookie. 

After trading up in the second round to land tackle Teven Jenkins despite his history of back issues, the Bears are now handling Jenkins..... back issues. 

He participated in camp but eventually was sidelined because of the problems. 

General manager Ryan Pace said the symptoms were different than what he felt in school and when all was said and done they decided on surgery. 

Pace says the surgery has "fixed" Jenkins. 

“Without getting into details, he started having some pain down his leg — I think just from the nerve,” Pace said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “The good thing? As soon as we did [the surgery], those symptoms went away. So we feel good about it. . .?. And just because he had a back surgery doesn’t mean he’s not going to have a good NFL career. We’re excited about the player, excited about where he’s heading. Now we feel we fixed the problem.”

Pace says it's fixed, but some believe it's just flashbacks of Chris Williams, Gabe Carimi and Marc Colombo.