It's been a couple of days of speculation. 

After Kyle Long posted a picture on Twitter of himself taking his equipment home for the first time in seven years, speculation built that he was going to announce his retirement.

Long himself made it official a couple of days later. 

"Some Chicagoans are probably happy to hear I'm finally stepping away and getting my body right," Long wrote on Twitter. "Some Chicagoans may be sad to hear this. Either way [you] feel about it, I want [you] to know how lucky I am to have spent time in your city. I became a man while playing in Chicago. Thank you."

Bears' general manager Ryan Pace had nothing but praise for Long who's constantly played through injuries. 

"We think the world of [Long]," Pace said. "It's unfortunate he's had a handful of injuries. He's tried to battle through all of them. Kyle does have an option in his contract that we got to look at. That will be one of the decisions, one of the many decisions, we have to make on him. But I feel bad for all the injuries he's tried to overcome. That was a decision we made at the time. Then we'll have to make another decision this offseason with his option."