After some really poor showings, Chicago Bears' fans want Nick Foles benched and Mitch Trubisky back in the starter role. 

Trubisky got benched with a 3-0 record and things have pretty much gone downhill for the Bears since then. 

During the recent stretch of games, Foles and head coach Matt Nagy seem to be pointing the finger at each other with blame and one former NFL head coach isn't too impressed. 

Rex Ryan unleashed on the Bears for benching Trubisky on ESPN's Get Up! show. 

“I told everybody that Nick Foles is not a starting quarterback in the league. He’s not a starting quarterback,” Ryan said. “He’s an excellent backup. Put him in a backup role. You benched the kid when he was 3-0, Mitch Trubisky. By the way, this organization? They’re brilliant, also. They passed on — we all know it — Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. You traded up to get (Trubisky). Why? Because he is an athlete. He has a chance. And instead, you throw him out with the bathwater for Nick Foles, who’s never done it as a starter, can’t do it, got beat out by Gardner Minshew. I said it from Day 1, I go, ‘this is a mistake.’ But of course, you’ve got to go to it. It’s a disaster right there. …Do you have the guts, Nagy, to do it?”

What do you think of Ryan's comments?