The Chicago Bears walk into the 2021 NFL Draft with the #20 overall pick, unfortunately probably too far back to make a solid pick at QB. 

With Andy Dalton on the roster and expected to start they might not be as pressed as some might think to make that pick this year. 

However the opportunity might present itself to land one of the stud QBs earlier in the draft. 

According Tony Pauline of the Pro Football Network, the Dallas Cowboys might be looking to trade out of the #10 spot and the Bears could be their trade partner. 

"The Cowboys will look hard to trade down. One of the teams I'm told is a realistic possibility to trade up is the Chicago Bears, who want to trade up to get a QB." 

The Cowboys haven't been shy about their love for TE Kyle Pitts, however the hype is so strong right now that Pitts might not be around at #10. If that's the case the Cowboys will likely look to trade back and the Bears could be looking to put together a package similar to when the Kansas City Chiefs traded up for Patrick Mahomes moving from 20th to 10th. 

One of the top 5 QBs will likely make it to #10 so if Pitts is gone the Bears could offer up their #20 along with their 3rd round pick and possibly their 2022 first. 

Source: Pro Football Network