The story around the Chicago Bears remains the QB situation. 

General manager Ryan Pace signed Andy Dalton during the offseason to be the starter but then the team traded up to land Justin Fields at the NFL Draft. 

Despite Fields falling at the draft, Fields is labeled as a generational talent by many. 

However head coach Matt Nagy made it clear this week that no matter what, Dalton will be starting week 1. 

NFL analyst and former kicker Pat McAfee broke down why he thinks Nagy has been so stern on his stance regarding Dalton and it makes sense. 

McAfee proposed that Nagy is making the call early because he learned that it was a mistake last year saying it was an open competition and the locker room picking sides who their guy was. 

That led to disappointment when the starter was announced and can hurt locker room morale. 

What do you think of McAfee's breakdown?

Source: Pat McAfee