After a very disappointing 2019 season, the Chicago Bears need results in 2020. 

Improvement needs to be shown across the board from front office decisions to the coaching staff to the players on the field. 

One person who many believe should be on the hot seat is general manager Ryan Pace. 

However Bears' ownership might not feel the same way. 

While appearing on 670 The Score, Pace stated he has full support from ownership. 

“We all have the same goals and the same vision for this season,” Pace said. “Last year was disappointing for all of us. That starts with me. That’s hard to swallow. It’s disappointing. There’s a number of factors that went into that. Just being real with ourselves this offseason and making hard decisions, whether it’s the roster or it’s staff or it’s different things we’re doing here at Halas, all those hard decisions, I feel like they’ve been made or continue to be made. We all put our egos aside and what’s best for the team. I feel the full support from George and from Ted.”

Not exactly the type of response some fans wanted to hear.

Source: Pro Football Talk