The Chicago Bears have arguably one of the worst quarterback battles set up for training camp. 

Nick Foles will battle Mitch Trubisky for the starting QB job, but many don't believe it's a battle and Foles already has the job. 

Head coach Matt Nagy has been in awe of how fast Foles has grasped the Bears playbook and Trubisky already seems like a thing of the past. 

That apparently was Foles' goal from day one. 

From a recent interview Nagy did with Sports Illustrated:

"That was affirmed the other day, when Foles had a moment one-on-one with Nagy and told him, I’m coming in here to win the job, I’m gonna do everything I can, but I’m also gonna help Mitch. To Nagy, it showed not only that the Bears traded for the right guy, or that it would pay dividends given the weird state of the offseason. It also radiated self-confidence.

"“It’s just like, Hey, listen, if I didn’t have confidence in myself then I probably wouldn’t be trying to help him out, because I’d need every advantage I can get,” Nagy said. “That’s not the case with him. Nick’s been to the top. He’s also been to the bottom. He’s had his challenges. And he just believes and treats people the right way. It’s not gonna be toxic. It’s gonna be a very natural, healthy environment.”"

Source: Sports Illustrated