The Chicago Bears will be looking for a new head coach and they might have the perfect candidate land in their lap. 

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh's contract is over and he might be looking to return to the NFL. 

According to one NCAA insider, one of the two teams he's most interested is likely the Bears. 

Bruce Feldman of the Athletic reports that if Harbaugh were to leave the NCAA for the NFL his two destinations of choice are the Las Vegas Raiders and Chicago Bears. 

Feldman hints that the ties to Las Vegas might be stronger. 

"The Raiders head coaching job might be tough for him to say no to given his ties to the organization — he started his coaching career there in 2003 — and the fact that there’s already a solid quarterback in place in Derek Carr. He’s also friends with Raiders owner Mark Davis."

Feldman adds that if the Raiders opportunity doesn't work out, Harbaugh would look at Chicago as the other option. 

What could make Harbaugh successful in the NFL?

From Feldman:

"Many of the successful college coaches who end up getting NFL jobs seem so out of their element because they've never coached at that level, dealing with grown men, not 18-to-22-year-olds. Pete Carroll had success after USC, but he'd already spent a long time coaching in the NFL.

Harbaugh, though, spent 15 years in the NFL and then coached in the league for the Raiders. He obviously has a good feel for that world."

Do you think he'd be a perfect fit for the Bears?

Source: Bruce Feldman