The Chicago Bears front office and head coach continue to repeat how it will be a fair QB competition over and over again. 

However we all know that it's more than likely Nick Foles is the Bears' starting QB when Week 1 comes around. 

To top it off, Bears' head coach Matt Nagy says Foles is already very familiar with the playbook. 

"It's like riding a bike. He's been through some different offenses, even from the last time we were together in Kansas City. But once you present somebody like Nick the playbook and they start looking at it, all of a sudden it just clicks.

"You start remembering it and you just start retraining your brain from what you knew in the past year or couple years. There's still terminology differences between all of us, but that doesn't take much. And Nick's a smart guy."

Can't wait to see what this "fair" competition brings.