It's definitely been an interesting last couple of months for Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky. 

He's been called out a couple of times by the Chicago mayor, he's had his fifth year option declined and watched the Bears and general manager Ryan Pace trade for another quarterback that carries a very heavy contract. 

To top it off, it's not just any quarterback, it's Nick Foles who has a variety of ties to different people on the Bears coaching staff. 

That's a lot to take in for a 24 year old who also had to deal with a significant injury. 

However, Trubisky is as motivated as ever.

"I still feel like this is my team,"

“I’m going to play my heart and soul out for this team.”

"I’m very confident about where I’m at right now and what I can do for this team."

"We need to get back to the playoffs," Trubisky said. "And we need to have a different mentality than we did last year. We let a lot of details slip and we didn't play the way we should have been playing. We lost a lot of games we should have won."

As for the trade itself, Trubisky had no choice but to take it in stride. 

"It was kind of interesting to me," Trubisky said of the Foles trade "That's the business that we're in. I think I was pissed off in a good way. I've been motivated ever since."

"I’ve been motivated ever since, I’ve been motivated since our season ended last year. It didn’t end the way we wanted it to and we left a lot out there."

As for his fifth year option being declined, Trubisky feels he didn't deserve to get it picked up anyways.

"The way I played last year didn't merit me getting that option,"