While everybody is watching what the Chicago Bears are up to on the field, there's plenty of action going on behind the scenes as well. 

The Bears future in Chicago remains in question as the team targets a move to Arlington Heights. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said previously that she doesn't feel like the Bears will move at all because they're "locked into a lease" but she's switching up her tone.

Lightfoot now admits that she's looking at ways to improve Soldier Stadium to keep the team in Chicago. Soldier Stadium is looked at by many across North America as one of the worst fan experiences in the NFL. 

“I am a Bears fan. I want the Bears to stay in the city of Chicago. And we are willing to work with them to try to address their concerns. But, I’ve got to do it in a way that is fiscally prudent and doesn’t preclude other uses in that stadium,” she said.

“We are evaluating ways in which we can enhance the fan experience at Soldier Field. …I know that it can be better. I’ve been to other stadiums across the country where the fan experience is far superior to what we have at Soldier Field.”

Lightfoot also acknowledged that it's not just the Bears experience at Soldier Field that needs to change but the stadium needs to become multi purpose. 

“There are other stadiums across the country that I’ve been to that have really taken advantage of the ability to make the stadium a year-round destination — not just something that’s only used during football season and then lays dormant for the rest of the year,” she said.

“That stadium sits on a museum campus. … Outside of Bears’ season, there’s no real dining experience except for the food within the museums themselves. Even afterward, if you want to enjoy a nice meal or convene in another place, you’ve got to go outside of the stadium footprint.”

What do you think of Lightfoot's latest comments?

Source: Chicago Sun Times