The Chicago Bears like many teams across the NFL have been working hard this offseason online. 

With OTA's unavailable, the Bears have been working on a virtual training program with players, coaches and staff. 

Unlike other teams, Bears' head coach Matt Nagy has decided to put an early end to the meetings. 

With a week and a half to go in the program, Nagy has decided to end it. 

“We’ve really had a phenomenal 9 weeks of virtual learning…. I’m proud of our guys for showing up, it’s all voluntary and we’ve done a lot.”

“We’re going to let the players go,” Nagy said. “We have an action plan of how we’re going to take care of them. Our focus is on training camp."

Nagy said he wants the players to take the next couple of weeks to focus on their bodies and physical side of things before training camp. 

The Bears' head coach is receiving some criticism as some analysts and fans are pointing out no real contender would end a program a week and a half early. 

What do you think of Nagy's decision?