The internet is running wild with rumours right now and one of them involves a former Chicago Bear. 

According to the highly controversial Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, we could see Kyle Long in a New York Jets uniform. 

Mehta reports that the Jets have been trying to talk Long out of retirement to join them.

It's unclear what kind of money was offered to Long so far and it might take a lot because Long has repeated multiple times that he's a "Bear for Life". 

The Jets have $25million in cap space and Long is considered a "free agent" since the Bears declined his option. 

Rick Tarsitano from WGN reached out to Long to ask him about the report and if there was any truth. 

Long's response was simple and straight forward. 

"No. None". 

Do you think Long would consider playing for the Jets?


Source: Manish Mehta