The Chicago Bears have made plenty of disappointing draft picks over the last couple of years. 

Of course near the top of that list sits wide receiver Kevin White. 

The 2015 first round pick never came close to living up to his expectations and potential due to repeated injuries year after year. 

He opened up during a recent interview said the situation had him crying at times and as he looks back he just can't understand why he was given such bad luck. 

 “I got dealt bust cards and can’t cry about it, complain about it,” White said. “But it is kind of a punch in the stomach where it’s like I got all the talent in the world, done it the right way, like why, God? What am I doing wrong? What do you want me to see out of being hurt year after year after year?” 

"I just wish I could’ve gave the city of Chicago the talent that they drafted. They have great fans."

"I'm sorry for all the unfortunate events."

What do you think of White's comments?