About a month ago we heard some pretty crazy speculation regarding another possible addition to the Chicago Bears. 

Erik Lambert of SportsMockery started some speculation regarding idea of the Bears possibly going after Houston Texans defensive superstar JJ Watt.

Throwing Watt into the mix of Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan, Roquan Smith, Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn would of course be a beautiful thing to see. 

However it's easier said than done. 

After that speculation blew up on social media a bit, it died down quite a lot. 

But Watt's recent comments during an interview has reignited that chatter. 

Watt told Jake Hamilton of JakesTakes that he absolutely loves Chicago. 

"It's such a great city. The people are great. The food is unbelievable. The fans are great."

In case you wondering, Watt also said he really loves Portillos and Lou Malnati's.