The Chicago Bears have one of the most exciting QBs they've had in years waiting in the wings but we've yet to see how explosive he can be. 

Justin Fields has embraced being a Bear and his current situation sitting behind starter Andy Dalton. 

While we wait for the QB battle to figure itself out with the current team, one of the team's former star QBs has been popping up.

Former QB Jay Cutler has started his own podcast and has been appearing on others recently which included on the Dave Portnoy Show. 

When asked about his current relationship with Bears' fans, Cutler said he felt ran out of town by the fans. 

"Absolutely they ran me out of town."

"I feel like I'm more appreciated now than I was playing."

"Which is fine, it's a win loss game a results business and we didn't get it done, I didn't get it done. As a QB you need support system though and some years I didn't have it, so be it."

You can check out the full interview below:

Source: Dave Portnoy Show