We've got a couple of battles this offseason when it comes to the Chicago Bears, unfortunately one is not what we expected. 

While everybody is talking about position battles like at QB and WR, it's actually the battle of the Bears staying in Chicago that's topping the list right now. 

The Bears made a bid for the Arlington RaceTrack site and that provoked an immediate reaction from mayor Lori Lightfoot. 

She's not very happy at all about the idea of losing the Bears and recently stated how the Bears lease with Soldier Field keeps them in Chicago until 2033. 

However it sounds like the Bears have an out. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears could leave Soldier Field as early as 2026 if they pay an $84million penalty. 

A new stadium would likely cost around $2billion, so adding an extra $84million wouldn't be a problem. 

“The numbers associated with the Soldier Field lease are just small,” University of Chicago sports economist Allen Sanderson said. “$84 million is just a fraction of what a new stadium will cost.”

Do you think the Bears are out of Chicago the first chance they get in 2026?

Source: Chicago Tribune