The Chicago Bears continue their head coaching search today as they'll officially interview former Miami Dolphins' head coach Brian Flores. 

Lots of people have warmed up to the idea of Flores becoming head coach however the speculation regarding his relationship with Tua Tagovailoa has made others hesitant. 

There's one name however that pretty much nobody is hesitant about. 

Jim Harbaugh. 

Harbaugh hasn't taken any interviews yet with an NFL team and apparently it's up to him to make the first move. 

According to former Bears' coach Dave Wannstedt, the Bears' unpopular president Ted Phillips could actually bring Harbaugh to Chicago. 

"I could see that, too, absolutely because of the relationship," Wannstedt said. "(CEO) Ted Phillips and Jim know each other and get along with (owner) George (McCaskey)." 

"And Jim does not have an agent, guys, he told me that," Wannstedt told Parkins and Spiegel. "He does not have an agent. He represents himself, and so you're talking to one guy. There's not going to be any leaking. It's coming from Jim. It's really pretty simple."

Wannstedt even revealed that Harbaugh had spoken to the Bears last offseason. 

"I talk to Jim periodically," Wannstedt told Parkins and Spiegel. "So without getting into details of it, so, yes I believe that and I believe there's a mutual respect between both of them."

So you're saying there's a chance?