The Chicago Bears locker room isn't exactly the most relaxed place to be in the world right now. 

Reports of tension between head coach Matt Nagy and the players, reports of Nagy being fired, reports of Allen Robinson being disconnected. 

Nothing is really looking positive but the Bears were still able to pull off a win against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. 

Fans have made their voices heard with "Fire Nagy" chants anywhere they go. 

However the Bears' players might not appreciate it. 

Safety Eddie Jackson has heard enough and doesn't like it. 

"I don't like the outside stuff that's going on, all the booing, the social media stuff. Booing at his son's game. 

I feel like it's gotta be tough, for him to still show up and lead us and not show any sign of weakness and not let that effect him... That says a lot about him and his character. 

We hate it honestly (booing and fire Nagy chants) the fans need to understand that doesn't help anything, you want us to play better and do better that's not helping. 

It's not helping the situation but making it worse."

What do you think of Jackson's comments?