The Chicago Bears continue to look like they're turning a corner after some really tight loses. 

However there's still plenty of problems and clearly head coach Matt Nagy is one of them. 

While Justin Fields continues to look like he's ready to be unleashed, Nagy continues to look like he doesn't know what he's doing. 

NFL and Bears' legend Dick Butkus spoke out recently and praised Fields while dissing Nagy and the Bears' OLine. 

“I was a little bit more agitated than usual watching the Bears of late,” said Butkus. “I just don’t understand what’s going on there. They ought to sue that offensive line for attempted murder. They’re going to get that quarterback of ours killed.”

“I think he’s our guy, Justin,” said Butkus. I think they have to do a better job of getting him some surrounding help because they’re going to kill that kid.”

“I saw his maturity over the past three or four games and watching him,” he said. “He can make the throws. I’m certain about that. They ought to have a little bit better play-calling and just help the kid out…He’s doing a great job with not much help up front.”

What do you think of Butkus comments?