The Chicago Bears 2017 NFL Draft will be debated most likely for at least another decade. 

Especially if Patrick Mahomes wins another couple of Super Bowls and Deshaun Watson gets close. 

In 2017, the Bears of course traded up one spot to make sure they landed Mitch Trubisky. 

Now all these years later, both Mahomes and Watson are looking at massive new contracts while the Bears declined Trubisky's fifth year option. 

While browsing Twitter recently and noticing a Tweet about QB's and race, Watson decided to chime about the 2017 NFL Draft. 

Watson revealed that the Bears and general manager Ryan Pace never held any pre draft interviews with him, not once, no contact at all. 

Now this gets a little bit more interesting because Watson himself said back in 2017 that he had contact with the Bears through a phone call when he was on the Rich Eisen Show.