As the Chicago Bears prepare for their big trip to London to play the Oakland Raiders, the biggest topic isn't Mitch Trubisky's shoulder, but Roquan Smith's situation. 

Smith was scratched and labelled as inactive 20 minutes before the game last weekend. 

After the game, head coach Matt Nagy said his status changed for personal reasons and he repeated that on Monday. 

Tuesday, ESPN's Dan Graziano reported that Smith hasn't been acting like himself lately and he will likely be out for awhile.

Despite Smith being at Halas Hall the last two days, it's pretty clear Smith won't be suiting up and his teammates were asked about the situation. 

“I love that Coach Nagy just says, hey, with injuries or any personal situation, just put it on me,” Prince Amukamara said. “It kind of takes stress and pressure off us. Because we can use that answer. ... So I’m just going to leave it at that. Just not having any information or knowledge about the situation, I’m just thinking positive.”

Danny Trevathan was pretty straight forward when he was asked about if he was concerned. 

"Probably not as concerned as you guys.”