The Chicago Bears aren't officially out of the playoff picture yet and if they go on a run, they could end the season 10-6. 

However it'll be hard to do that when shuffling starting TE's every week and Trey Burton out for the season. 

Special teams superstar Cordarelle Patterson has a solution. 

Let him play TE. 

“I don’t like being labeled,” Patterson said. “People try to say I’m a receiver, a running back, a kickoff returner. I can do anything on the field if I put my mind to it. I feel like when I get out there, I’m unstoppable. I’m not saying I can’t be stopped, but I feel like I can do anything on the field. Whatever Nagy needs me to do, I can do it.”

While Patterson is interested, it doesn't seem to interest head coach Matt Nagy as Chicago Sun-Times Bears' beat writer, Jason Lieser, said he's been told it's off the table. 

Would you like to see the Bears try and line Patterson up at TE?