The Chicago Bears offense doesn't get much respect around the league but it's usually a different story for the defense. 

Most analysts and experts still rank the Bears' defense as one of the best across the league stacked with some of the leagues best players on that side of the ball. 

Most except for CBS Sports that is. 

As Daniel Greenberg pointed out recently, the disrespect is high from CBS Sports when it comes to the rankings of individual defensive players. 

Here's what Greenberg points out:

"CBS Sports.....

Doesn't have Eddie Jackson as a top 10 safety in the NFL.

Doesn't have Akiem Hicks as a top 10 defensive lineman.

Doesn't have Kyle Fuller as a top 10 cornerback.

Have 8 edge rushers ranked ahead of Khalil Mack.

Ranked Roquan Smith as the 8th best linebacker."

It almost feels like CBS should be revoked NFL rights for that...

Source: Daniel Greenberg Twitter