The Chicago Bears brought a solid effort for the second week in a row but came up just short of the win. 

A combination of not using enough clock at the end of the game along with a very controversial taunting penalty late in the 4th quarter combined to give the Pittsburgh Steelers a chance to kick a field goal. 

Cassius Marsh who was called for the taunting penalty had some interesting comments after the game last night. 

Marsh said nothing he said towards the Steelers bench deserved a penalty and added the ref got into it too. 

The Bears' linebacker said the ref hip-checked him and if it was Marsh hip-checking the ref he would've been kicked out of the game. 

The referee in question, Tony Corrente, had this to say. 

“I saw the player, after he made a big play, run toward the bench area of the Pittsburgh Steelers and posture in such a way that I felt he was taunting them.”

What do you think of both their comments? 

Check out Marsh's full presser below: