It seems like head coach Matt Nagy might really be on his way out and it might be time to get out the popcorn.

The first story that leaks involves the Bears quarterback situation.

Everybody felt it was weird that no matter what Nagy seemed to be sticking with Andy Dalton as the Bears starter until somebody reportedly stepped in and out and end to it.

According to Hub Arkush of 670 The Score, George McCaskey stepped in and made Nagy announce Justin Fields as the team’s new starting QB.

Bears chairman George McCaskey directed the Bears coaching staff to name Justin Fields the permanent starting quarterback prior to the Week 5 game against the Las Vegas Raiders, multiple sources tell Shaw Local’s Hub Arkush.
It’s unclear how the directive was given to the coaching staff, whether there was a conversation in person between McCaskey and Bears head coach Matt Nagy, or if general manager Ryan Pace was directed to give the instructions to Nagy. The move was against the wishes of Nagy, per multiple sources.

Reports continue to indicate that Nagy will be fired after Thursday’s game.