We've heard from various sources over the last two weeks that Chicago Bears' head coach Matt Nagy is done. 

It's pretty much consensus that ownership has chosen to move on from Nagy. 

However general manager Ryan Pace's situation hasn't been as clear. 

There's been whispers around the NFL that Pace is safe and even some implying he could get a promotion to possibly team president. 

However one Bears' insider reports that Pace is done in Chicago.

Jeff Hughers, owner of Da Bears Blog, says Pace won't be sticking around. 

When asked about Hub Arkush's recent report that there's more than 50% chance Pace sticks around, Hughes strongly refuted that and said Pace will be fired on Monday along with Nagy. 

This will indicate a complete house cleaning which was probably suggested by the special group of consultants that the McCaskey's have brought on board. 

A fresh start starting Monday is a dream come true for some. 

Check out Hughes full report below:

Source: Jeff Hughes Da Bears Blog