The Chicago Bears have decided to move on from Matt Nagy and according to many, it's a year too late. 

It didn't seem like there was much of a relationship between Nagy and new QB Justin Fields and there definitely seemed to be a reluctance to play him on Nagy's part. 

New revelations indicate that there definitely wasn't a positive relationship between former QB Mitch Trubisky and Nagy. 

The Athletic's Adam Jahns and Kevin Fishbain put together a new piece with lots of drama revealed. 

“He ripped Mitch in front of the whole team,” a source said.

“Nagy proceeded to chastise Mitch for being uncoachable and not throwing it to the proper guy in front of the whole team,” a second source said.

“It did bum Mitch out, but it also bummed out his teammates,” another source said. “Mitch was really liked by his teammates.”

If it wasn't for Cody Parkey, another source believes Trubisky could have got the Bears close to the Super Bowl. 

“Mitch did his job,” a source said. “That’s a team that goes on and wins the Super Bowl for Christ’s sake.”

The topper is that Trubisky and Nagy were supposed to meet after the 2019 season to go over improvements, however Nagy actually ditched the meeting. 

"After the 2019 season concluded, Trubisky prepared to meet with Nagy. They needed to have a conversation. How were they going to make this work? The quarterback prepared notes for the meeting. Nagy, though, didn’t make it — “He no-showed him,” a source said. Trubisky left his notes behind."

Just absolutely unacceptable. 

Source: Adam Jahns, Kevin Fishbain, The Athletic