Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator Bill Lazor wants to get Justin Fields going on a specific part of the game and this might be the perfect opportunity. 

The Bears have run heavy tendencies and Lazor wants to get Fields going on some big throws, those throws were almost non existent in Week 5. 

“I felt that after the game, but I just blame me for that. Seriously,” Lazor said. “When the game is going that way, that’s just how we thought to win the game. I’d rather have 500 yards, but winning is more important.”

Fields has an arm and there's no need to hide it. 

“We would always like to have the ability — I’ll use the word balance — but balance of being able to spread the field,” Lazor said. “Quicker throws, medium-range chunks, deep throws down the field in the pass game. The way the defense plays might dictate the way you’re going in if you’re heaver in one area or the other, the way we want to attack them.”

Fields completed five passes of at least 20 yards against the Lions but didn't complete any in Week 5. 

“We have a big call sheet. We have a lot,” Lazor said. “Some of them you think are staring at you on the sheet, but then you look up at the scoreboard and you see the time clicking, ticking down and … you have to do what's best to win that game at that moment. So I think we have them ready to roll. And I'll tell you if we need them, Sunday.”

Do you want to see Fields air the ball out a bit more?

We're pretty sure Allen Robinson would appreciate it.