Everybody is pumped up for the Chicago Bears 2019 season. 

The team continues to trend up and looks to build on their great 2018 season, not to mention it's the team's 100th season.

However the schedule makers at the NFL clearly don't care. 

CBS Sports recently put together a formula to rank every team's schedule and unfortunately for the Bears that formula didn't work out for them. 

Based on their formula, the Bears have the toughest schedule in the NFL. 

"Chicago got handed the most brutal schedule in the league this year. After going 12-4 last season, the Bears are almost certainly going to have a worse record this year, mostly because that's what pretty much happens to every team following a year where they go 12-4. From 2015 to 2017, 13 teams went 12-4 or better and out of those 13 teams, 12 of them had a worse record the next season. Of course, none of this is stopping Bears fans from betting big money on their team to win the Super Bowl this year."

To read the full article which has the Bears with the toughest schedule and New England Patriots with the easiest, click here

Source: CBS Sports