While the debate rages on about who will be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback on Week 1, we have to wonder who that quarterback will throw to. 

There's no doubt that Allen Robinson will ball out regardless of who's at QB, however what about the rest of the receiver group. 

A lot of people are expecting Anthony Miller to have a breakout year, some are looking at Riley Ridley, there's some hype regarding Darnell Mooney and the team of course signed Ted Ginn Jr. 

There's no guarantee any of those names pop off big this season. 

Could the Bears go out and grab a controversial yet elite talent at WR, somebody by the name of..... Antonio Brown?

Brown's season was a complete disaster last year after he left the Raiders and moved on to the Patriots where off field issues put an end to his NFL season.

As Greg Williams of Bearswire points out, Brown would move the needle more than any of the names mentioned above. 

"The Bears have enough cap space ($12.5M) to go sign Brown, but due to the off the field issues it would most likely be a one-year deal based off incentives, so Brown can prove his worth and the Bears don’t have to heavily invest in him if something goes wrong."

There was some chatter last year the Bears could go after Kareem Hunt after his off field struggles, could they risk it for Brown?

Brown has been keeping in shape and has worked out with a variety of NFL starting quarterbacks recently including Lamar Jackson, Russel Wilson and Dwayne Haskins JR. 

Source: Bears Wire