Khalil Mack is largely looked at as one of the best defensive players in the NFL. 

While he might have hit a couple of disappointing numbers last season, there's many factors that have to be taken into account. 

However one analyst believes it's simply because Mack just doesn't have it anymore. 

Adam Schein made those comments during a recent article on

"But at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, did Mack make an impactful play last year? OK, five forced fumbles is a nice figure, but 8.5 sacks just doesn’t cut it. Honestly, I’m not really sure how he made a fifth consecutive Pro Bowl.

Two seasons into Mack’s Chicago tenure, the Bears have yet to win a playoff game. Obviously, this franchise’s most glaring issue is the quarterback position. But Mack is supposed to be a top-five defensive player. That’s why the Bears traded away a pair of first-rounders — and consequently handed out a record-setting extension — for his services. Last year, he was most definitely not elite."

What do you think of Schein's comments?

Source: Adam Schein