It's been a turbulent 24 hours in Chicago Bears' land and we finally hear from the man himself. 

After speculation blew up yesterday and his agent was forced to make a statement through NFL insider Adam Schefter, wide receiver Allen Robinson spoke to the media himself on Wednesday. 

Social media has blown up about Robinson possibly asking for a trade because he's not getting a respectful extension offer. 

"My heart and spirit has never wavered about the city of Chicago and playing for this organization.”

When asked to clarify if he asked for a trade Robinson wouldn't confirm or deny any reports and simply said he believes he would finish the season in Chicago. 

He added there's been a lot of emotion over the last couple of days which lead to him deleting mentions of Chicago and the Bears. 

"I appreciate a 1000% the fanbase that we have in Chicago and the love and support. I have a ton of love and respect for the city."