The Chicago Bears enter the 2020 season with a couple of question marks but a couple of pieces already in place. 

The defense looks good, the running back duo of David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen should have a better year and many expect the wide receiver group to step up. 

Except for former NFLer LaDainian Tomlinson. 

During a recent appearance on NFL Network, Tomlinson said his biggest question mark regarding the Bears was the WR group and called out Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller. 

"Robinson needs to be more consistent. Miller and other guys need to step up."

ARob came across Daniel Greenberg Tweeting the quote and decided he had something to day. 

"Must be a slow week" was one response. 

Robinson even replied to a comment on Greenberg's Tweet where the user said Robinson was very consistent and Tomlinson was just making things up. 

"Literally make shit up as they go"was ARob's reply. 

What do you think of Tomlinson's comments?