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My brother knows I'm a die-hard Bears fan. Anytime he sees any news that's Bears news, he immediately sends it my way. Today was a Tik Tok post from a guy claiming that the Bears have the highest chance in all of the NFL to go 0-17.

His reasoning:

1. Bottom 3 unproven quarterback
2. Mediocre unproven/injury-prone running back
3. Awful receiving core
4. Very young/very bad offensive line
5. Bad tight ends
6. Only 2 bright spots on defense
7. Rookie head coach

May I start by saying, WHAT IS HE LOOKING AT?!

You're going to tell me we are worse off with Justin Fields than we would be with Sam Darnold, Davis Mills, or Jared Goff? We would've been better off holding onto Trubisky? Is that what you're telling me? Unproven, one could slightly agree with that. Last year he was able to show us flashes of what's to come. Experts are high on Fields' abilities going into this year. saying:

After some rough early starts, Fields showed more tangible promise than the three quarterbacks taken ahead of him.

Unproven and injury-prone running back. David Montgomery has missed five games in his first three years. Due to a concussion and a knee strain. He missed a little time in the 2020 preseason with a groin strain but suited up and played in the season opener. He was fifth in rushing in 2020! He has well established himself as a solid workhorse.

Awful receiving core and bad tight ends. Did you mean awfully good? We have a couple of guys that people tend to sleep on, namely Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet. Mooney was our number two man last year and exactly as many receptions as Ja'Marr Chase and he had more yards than Christian Kirk, DK Metcalf, Amari Cooper, and A.J. Brown. Cole Kmet was also playing second fiddle to Jimmy Graham. This year he'll be the top dog and a great check-down route for Fields.

Only two bright spots on defense. Which two does he want to talk about? The two newest additions to the Bears' secondary, Brisker and Gordon? Who is joining forces with Jaylon Johnson and two-time Pro Bowler Eddie Jackson? Maybe it was the Bears' newest single-season sack leader Robert Quinn? Or was he talking about Roquan Smith who's been top 10 in the league in tackles three out of his four years?

Lastly, if he watched any news that has been coming out of training camp on our rookie coach he would have known that Flus is locked in. He has a great relationship with our also rookie GM, which was formerly a toxic relationship in our organization for years.

So he can troll all he wants on Tik Tok, but there has never been a Bears team that has gone 0 and anything for the year. And there is too much pride on this team to think it's going to happen this year.
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